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The Intelligence Quotient (IQ) has long been used by Capitalists to identify those who can best serve in their merit based systems of inequality and exploitation. In more recent times, as university psychology departments have matured to include less scientific scholars from the humanities, other intelligence types have been identified such as Emotional Intelligence (EQ),…

Full steam ahead

Every now and then one of the PRV faithful goes above and beyond. Just like Thomas the Tank, Daniel Ziffer (https://twitter.com/danziffer) has long used his role at the ABC to promote Comrade Andrews, just as Thomas always came through for the big boned controller of Sodor Island. In Daniel’s latest article on the Victorian budget,…

Andrews rejects Class A status for Santa

Thousands of Victorian children will be spared the annual capitalist indoctrination this year as our dear leader of human happiness rejects an application for a 14 day quarantine exception from Mr Santa Claus and his various alias’. “I can’t believe this super spreader of capitalist filth thought he’d qualify for Class A status” Comrade Andrews…

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