The Intelligence Quotient (IQ) has long been used by Capitalists to identify those who can best serve in their merit based systems of inequality and exploitation. In more recent times, as university psychology departments have matured to include less scientific scholars from the humanities, other intelligence types have been identified such as Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Social Intelligence (SQ) and Adversity Intelligence (AQ).

To join the PRV you must first sit an Intelligence Test, where each of the BIG 5 intelligence types are measured (IQ, EQ, SQ, AQ and BSQ). Within the PRV (and other Marxist organisations) BSQ is the most prized.

BSQ is, in essence, the unquestioning willingness to serve the socialist cause and make any necessary sacrifice to achieve complete equality and obliteration of all capitalism. Core to a high score in BSQ is the ability to master construction and delivery of circular arguments, illogical rationales and ambivalence to the value of individual rights.

In the coming year, all Victorians will be obliged to submit to an Intelligence test. Successful completion of the test will be required prior to receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. The results of the test will be kept in a secure Huawei Data Centre located in the basement of our Docklands office, where the results and other data will be incorporated to generate a Social Credit Score. Only members of the Team of 8 ( and their staff will be able to access the results.

To allay fears, Comrade Dan has approved the release of his personal assessment! Needless to say, Dan is an extreme outlier for BSQ while low in the values cherished by Capitalist pigs such as IQ, EQ and SQ. Dan is also very high in AQ, a quality that has served him well during the second wave and relentless media attacks from the Murdoch Press.

Contrast Dan’s Intelligence radar plot with that of the capitalist darling, ScoMo. ScoMo is almost a BSQ moron, hardly surprising given he is a Big C Christian, and deeply corrupted from working extensively outside of politics in the corporate world.

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