Full steam ahead

Every now and then one of the PRV faithful goes above and beyond.

Just like Thomas the Tank, Daniel Ziffer (https://twitter.com/danziffer) has long used his role at the ABC to promote Comrade Andrews, just as Thomas always came through for the big boned controller of Sodor Island.

In Daniel’s latest article on the Victorian budget, he beautifully uses the well known fact that most Victorians have the memory of a gold fish, already forgotten the lockdown and are grateful that Comrade Dan kept them safe at home (on subsidies provided by the compassionate capitalists).

Everyone loves the person who buys free drinks at the bar and never asks where the money came from. So, when the Job Keeper tab runs low and it looks like the ScoMo party is nearing last drinks, can anyone think of a better way to sway the crowd than to “get on the free beers with Dan”?

It is particularly satisfying when you consider that while ScoMo and Josh worried about the bar tab, Dan and the team snuck around via the back door, and laid claim to the Frydenberg “rainy day” stash (GST, Infrastructure capital spend, workplace relations reform).

Here is the Ziffer masterpiece as published today on the ABC website.


But seriously, it is worth remembering comrades that we are well on track to realising the 2022 PRV stretch plan socialised back in May:


With more detail outlined in the roadmap:


Thanks again to Daniel Ziffer – who like Jon Faine is a true Hero of the PRV.

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