BIG C and little c

As many know, most of the executive team of 8 spent their formative years within the Victorian Catholic Education system. Which makes a recent petition seeking to challenge apparent inequalities in COVID restrictions by the Catholic Bishops of Victoria a clear political maneuver by a sect within the Catholic Church that requires explanation.

There are essentially four types of Catholic. Two of the four are potentially aligned with the PRV agenda and the other two are enemies of the PRV. The types can be summarised as follows:

CC: Practicing Catholics who are also Christians.
Cc: Practicing Catholics who are Roman Catholics first, see others as heretics.
cC: Non-practicing Catholics who believe every individual has value regardless of identity group.
cc: Non-practicing Catholics who seek to espouse their virtues as champions of the oppressed.

Of these groups, CC and cC are enemies of the PRV. Clearly Christians, with their childish concept of inherent individual value are not going to encourage others to sacrifice their individuality for the PRV state. Indeed they will likely seek to question, challenge, offer alternative solutions and invite debate to every single perceived erosion to their “rights”.

Our “Great Gardener of Humanity” has gone to great lengths over the last 20 years to passively re-educate the Catholic Church through extensive coaching of the Catholic education’s system in Social Justice, Climate Awareness and Equality for the oppressed e.g. White Privilege and Gender Equality. In conjunction with direct coercion of the religious hierarchy through active persecution of their highest ranking officials.

It must be said that great progress has been made. Many of the Catholic School Principals openly support students sacrificing their education to support climate change rallies organised by some of our more enthusiastic Socialist Organisations (e.g. Socialist Alliance ) and eagerly offer to sacrifice (make public examples of) underage students who are filmed in private singing misogynistic songs.

These are excellent examples of Catholic Schools embracing PRV values of involuntary individual sacrifice to protect the agenda of the group. We know that most Catholic School Principals are Cc’s or cc’s and have actively developed leadership groups to expunge the “old” ideas of C.S. Lewis types and replace them with the progressive visions of Marx, Foucault, DiAngelo and Derrida.

HOWEVER, when petitions that actively seek to challenge the authority of our dear leader originate from the Catholic Bishops we must not let the afront go unpunished.

Have faith, Virtuous Dan has issued a petition of his own to Pope Francis, seeking a right of Veto for any new Bishops appointed in Victoria and implementation of a “three strikes” policy for incumbent Bishops who seek to interfere in PRV affairs. We await Pope Francis’ response, which we expect to be consistent with that of our CCP brothers (

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