Crisis management


When you are the shepherd of sheep and it is nearing time to sell, a few of the more free thinking members of the flock start to get an inkling that life might not be as good after the sale – let us call them black sheep, or more accurately – liberals.

Many thought our dear leader, when referring to Josh Frydenberg as “just a liberal” was referring to the Australian Political party ( To the PRV elite the message was deeper.

For Josh Frydenberg the individual is primary or sovereign. He views his role as developing a fertile bed that all Australians can pursue their talents – an environment where everyone can take their chances; in essence he is “Just Another Liberal” or JAL.

Dan Andrews has worked so hard since taking the reigns of the Victorian Labor to purge the party of JALs and the COVID-19 virus has offered the perfect mechanism to complete the job. Keep watching as Peta Credlin follows the Hotel Quarantine bread crumbs to Pakula and removes the last of the filthy capitalists from the fold.

The trick with natural crisis’ is not to fight it and be measured on how pragmatically you managed the multiple variables and intangibles – that’s the approach of a Liberal.

The trick is to trickle feed information, compare your performance with the worst and keep the sheep in a state of fear. Know the flock:

  • 1/3 are fluffy white sheep and will support you regardless – they just want someone to look after them like mummy did.
  • 1/3 are black sheep who will bleat and moan – they believe in individual responsibility looking after themselves.
  • 1/3 are pink sheep, fear will keep them in check – they are the well meaning, who just want everyone to live in harmony.

To keep 2/3 of the flock in line and bleating louder than the black sheep all Dan needs to do is maintain a sense of fear and create an environment where the black sheep either leave of their own accord or submit to the slaughter. When the black sheep are less than a 1/3, there are fewer black sheep for the pink sheep to live in harmony with, the balance is broken and resistance to the PRV assuming power at the next election is guaranteed.

Dan, our “gardener of human happiness” has under the guise of a “Crisis”, managed to destroy so many small businesses and also encourage stronger businesses who could have endured the crisis, to seek other places to ply their hedonistic trade; all the while appearing to be only interested in keeping us all safe.

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