Absolute ZERO

Once again the half witted dogmatist Joshua Frydenberg sought to challenge our great leader’s road map to recovery (utopia).


When managing a natural crisis, rather than manufacturing a crisis, it is important to assume control by melding levers of fear to suit the narrative required to achieve the desired outcome. Capitalist pigs like Frydenberg will have you believe that the crisis needs to be managed “sustainably” with a pragmatic approach that considers the “economy”.

Those that are true to the cause, like our dear leader have a resolute target of ZERO, when considering the contribution small business will play in the Victorian recovery.

For those with a keen eye for patterns, we have a number of absolute zero targets, for example :

  • ZERO – Road deaths (coercive control – hefty fines)
  • ZERO – COVID cases before reopening (coercive control – lockup in homes – hefty fines)
  • ZERO – Consideration for small business (coercive control – lockout of workplace – hefty fines)
  • ZERO – Tolerance for social or political protest (coercive control – ban gatherings – hefty fines)

Most importantly, the A TEAM of 8 key Ministers has almost achieved a target of ZERO capitalist experience. The team of 8 currently consist of:

Daniel Andrews, MPPremier
 Chair – Crisis Council of Cabinet
James Merlino, MPDeputy Premier
 Minister for the Coordination of Education and Training – COVID-19
Tim Pallas, MPTreasurer
 Minister for the Coordination of Treasury and Finance – COVID-19
Jill Hennessy, MPAttorney-General
 Minister for the Coordination of Justice and Community Safety – COVID-19
Jacinta Allan, MPMinister for the Coordination of Transport – COVID-19
Martin Foley, MPMinister for the Coordination of Health and Human Services – COVID-19 (from 26 September 2020)
Martin Pakula, MPMinister for the Coordination of Jobs, Precincts and Regions – COVID 19
Lisa Neville, MPMinister for the Coordination of Environment, Land, Water and Planning – COVID-19

With the removal of Jenny Mikakos (who has revealed herself as a capitalist spy), only Martin Pakula has any adult experience in a profession other than politics with a 2 year stint as a lawyer. All other members have not been exposed, in their adult lives, to the mind polluting influences of earning a living in the capitalist system.

For those calling for Comrade Dan to complete the purge and remove Pakula, have patience comrades, the trail of bread crumbs being followed by Peta Credlin (Sky News’ chief sniffer dog) will ultimately lead to Pakula. A textbook example of keeping the the neighbour’s dog busy chasing a bone while you help yourself to the goodies in the shed.

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