Roadmap to the PRV

In years to come, September 6 or the first Sunday in September may well be marked as a day for celebration in the PRV. A day when we finally heard the last wheezing gasps from small business in Victoria. It has taken a little longer than expected due to interference and meddling from the chief boofhead, ScoMo and his minions but Comrade Dan has proven his mettle and stayed the course in a masterful display of mob manipulation that even Stalin would acknowledge as brilliant.

It is worth taking the time to reflect on the course travelled and some of the milestones to come in the next 24 months, as we coast to the finish and watch the Capitalists set sail into the sunset.


  • Population desensitised to State of Emergency restrictions.
  • 85% of small businesses smaller than 20 employees destroyed.
  • 50% of businesses under 100 employees at risk or looking to relocate.
  • State debt levels unable to be serviced without direct foreign investment.
  • Energy grid majority owned by PRV aligned companies.
  • Transportation network majority owned by PRV aligned companies.
  • Prepare taxation mechanisms to harvest “old money” from bourgeoisie.
  • Issued pay rises to government employees to ensure loyalty and increase resentment within private sector .


  • Maintain lockdown to mid November.
  • Continue to roundup and silence “tin foil hats”.

In 2021 – “Only positive waves man”

Oddball from Kelly's Heroes - All these positive waves, baby! We Can't lose!
  • Lift lockdown restrictions
  • Roll out vaccine.
  • Reduce testing to only hospitalised cases to manage “numbers”
  • Lift restrictions on cheap “Andrew Bolt” cures to reduce death rate in elderly.
  • Only record COVID deaths if exclusively linked to virus.
  • Prepare for infrastructure investment from Cypriot investors.

In 2022 – “A new world order”

  • Set up PRV as an utopian beacon of socialism.
  • Challenge other states and Federal Labor to join or seek refuge in the capitalist wilderness.
  • Set 2022 election as a referendum on implementing the socialist dream in Victoria.

In the coming months more detail will be socialised, but in the meantime sleep well knowing that Comrade Andrews’ genius and guiding hand is at the helm.

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