HERO of the PRV – Brett “Squealer” Sutton

Squealer is the silver tongued spokesperson of Napoleon in Eric Blair’s (alias George Orwell) children’s story book guide to Socialism, “Animal Farm”. Squealer is the master of half truths and positive spin. He skillfully destroyed the credibility of traitors like Snowball who lacked respect for the hierarchy and encouraged ideas of individual value. Most importantly Squealer was always loyal and used his charisma to convince others that the threat was real, their fear was justified and their only hope was to trust in Comrade Napoleon.

Our Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Brett Sutton is our Squealer. He has proven to be a Hero of the PRV and loyal to Comrade Andrews.

Comrade Sutton draws on the tendency for sheep to trust medical professionals to act in their best interest. Notice that in the daily press conferences Dan Andrews is careful not to deliver the hard message without invoking the medical advice, and CMO Sutton never contradicts the ruthless interpretation of the Vic Police. Mud can be slung but it will never stick to Comrade Dan.

It’s a masterful display of coordinated fear messaging that will allow a continuation of the lockdown, and force the Federal Government to give up trying to save small business in Victoria. In turn this will allow large companies to hoover up the ruins, with the free thinking former owners leaving Victoria to seek opportunities elsewhere.

Over time it will be easy to appeal to large company greed and assimilate all means of production (with finance from our benevolent comrades) to fall under both direct and indirect control of the PRV.

Keep up the good work Brett! You are indeed a Hero of the PRV.

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