The student becomes the master

During Dan Andrews April 2019 trip to China he and his Media Director successfully completed the most difficult CCP coercive control course “The way of the river”.

As any well versed geomorphologist (e.g. Randy Marsh) would go to great lengths to describe, a river follows the path of least resistance. It twists and turns, following the contours of the earth and exploiting its weak points to eventually meet the ocean.

“What about when it floods?” you cry! ” It destroys everything in its path!”

That is the essence of the course and why it is so difficult. Leaders can often manage peace OR crisis but rarely both. Our beloved Gardener of Humanity has demonstrated he can do both.

Our CCP comrades are so impressed that he has managed to instill such a sense of fear in the general Victorian population that they continue to sing his praises.

While the rest of the Australian population looks on in stunned disbelief. “How can Victorians watch small business destroyed, willingly pay outlandish punitive fines and routinely tune in for a daily press release that delivers nothing but statistics?” Rowan Dean from SkyNews routinely rants.

Dan Andrews has managed the “crisis” and delivered a peaceful, compliant and unquestioning Victorian population ready to accept transition to the PRV and partner with our CCP comrades.

The Student has become the Master

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