Off the record chat with Leader Dan

We don’t usually publish comments made at our nightly PRV meetings, however at last night’s meeting some personal comments by our leader Dan Andrews reinforced our trust in the ability for our leader to stay the course and push for an accelerated transition of power from the imperialists to the PRV.

When Andrews was asked for his impressions of how successfully the overall population was being coerced to compliance he replied:

“We are exceeding my wildest dreams. The first lockdown went surprisingly well. We were able to implement the most oppressive and counter intuitive interpretation of the rules with very little scrutiny. Indeed my popularity rose to such a level that I could finally purge the head cockroach and his minions from within our ranks and effectively silence the rest.”

“I concede it then took sometime, and a few false starts like Cedar Meats, but we were finally able to engineer the second outbreak successfully, I was concerned that our useful idiots in the BLM movement would have been directly linked to the outbreak, but thankfully the contamination and misinformation with the genomic testing was successfully managed by the deputy chief health officer. Unfortunately her involvement is now at risk and we needed to sacrifice her for the cause.”

“The most amazing and heartening event is, that despite implementing the first ever 8pm curfew for no tangible reason, and also giving our trigger happy police force unfettered power to stop and search, the majority of the sheep are still in a such a state of fear, that they still have unquestioning faith in me as leader and the chief health officer.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll keep a close eye on Brett. I have a few mechanisms to remove him if the popularity goes to his head”

“Rejoice comrades, we’ve softened the sheep up so much now that when we finish destroying the morale of the small business over the next 12 to 18 months, we will be free to reveal the ultimate plan. Then backed with the financial aid from our CCP comrades, they will beg the PRV to assume total control and release them from the shackles of capitalism”

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