PRV power grows…….


For those chosen few within PRV elite, the similarities between our tireless leader Dan Andrews and the architect of modern socialism, Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin are well known. As the corona virus hysteria offers so many opportunities to test the Victorian public’s appetite for social freedom austerity, we have seen our leader take advantage of every opportunity to implement the foundations for the PRV to assume control.

A recent article by the AGE, identifies some of the traits in our leader that he shares with the great man Stalin.

Dan and Joe were raised as practicing christians, but saw themselves as their own masters who rightfully demand absolute loyalty from the sheep they lead, rather than seconding loyalty to a metaphysical god.

The dry wit and charm are also shared characteristics. A story Stephen Kotkin often tells of Stalin is one where whenever Stalin would come across somebody he knew well and and hadn’t seen for some time, he would smile and ask them, “what? Haven’t you been arrested yet?”.

And just like Joe, Dan has an affinity with working class humour as shown in 2016 when he dismissed the concerns of several Labor MPs, telling them not to worry about a Liberal (Donna Bauer) suffering from bowel cancer because she’d soon be “shitting in a bag”. Unfortunately a couple of Labor traitors saw fit to share the joke with the media – rest assured their careers are in ashes.

Dan Andrews doesn’t quite have the threat of the gulag to assuage his minions, but as many within the Labor party know, no one challenges Dan twice. Indeed, even the slightest indication of dissent is dealt with swiftly and mercilessly. Rest assured comrades, just like Stalin there will be no one from within the Labor party who will attempt to usurp our PRV leader Daniel Michael Andrews.

The Labor minions and Victorian sheep are now so overwhelmed with fear, only a strong, ruthless leader will be trusted to keep them “safe”.

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