The police will fine you

The minor surge in COVID infections across a few suburbs in the metro area in Melbourne has stirred a media looking to undermine the authority of the Andrews Government. Dan Andrews has been a true father figure for so many Victorians who desperately need someone to keep them safe. Be it protection from the COVID-19 virus, the capitalist induced climate or Andrew Bolt, Dan Andrews has been there for all faithful Victorians seeking a better life of equality and happiness.

However some of the sheep think they know best, flaunting the rules to go fishing.

Rest assured comrades that the Victorian Police, the highly trained and loyal Alsatians of the PRV will seek out and bring to justice anyone who thinks they can resume a capitalist lifestyle of personal risk management and self determination.

A few $1652 dollar fines and a public shaming on ABC media should help curb the recalcitrant behaviour of those who think they know best.

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