Cleaning house


Daniel “hundred eyes” Andrews restores PRV confidence in his
leadership by successfully removing one of the worst internal agitators, Adem

Adem Somyurek WAS a member of the right faction of the labor party. He has
never been comfortable with the necessary requirement to thin out small businesses
in Victoria, a fundamental requirement to ensure PRV success. If we do not
force the talented Victorians who waste their lives pursuing an aspiration
dream to join the rank and file workforce we will lose all the momentum
generated by the COVID-19 blessing.

Daniel Andrews must not be hindered in reconfiguring the Victorian economy.

He must be supported in every way to align the Victorian workforce with that
of our PRC brothers and sisters and remove the overhead of independent small
business owners who are the biggest supporters of capitalism and infect their
staff with dreams of self-improvement and self-determination.

Adem Somyurek was one of the most powerful power brokers from within the
labor ranks who was sympathetic with small business and therefore a threat to the PRV.  His loss will be celebrated by PRV faithful.

It is not the PRV way to recognise the work of individuals, however those from inside the labor party who risked themselves to gather the footage and leak it to the media will not be forgotten in the PRV rise.

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