Victorian small business collapse quota not achieved, yet………..


Our blessed gardener of humanity, Dan “hundred eyes” Andrews has extended the State of Emergency for another 3 weeks. With Jobkeeper and other federally sponsored handouts, a higher than expected number of small businesses are still viable, however rest assured comrades the more aggressive and highly leveraged businesses are starting to fold.

With another 3 weeks we should see a large number of small scale capitalist opportunists join the ranks of the unemployed and be forced to join the organised workforce where their “entrepreneurial” spirit will be broken and contained.

More importantly their failure will serve to discourage young people to chase a false capitalist dream and instead subscribe to loyally serve their state benefactors in the public service or a large state sponsored company.

In a stroke of genius Dan Andrews reminded any employee who is pressured by their employer to return to work that they must inform on any business trying to limp through and the government will prosecute with fines of such a scale that their fate will be sealed.

The trade deals currently being finalised with the PRC will provide lots of low level jobs to easily fill the gaps created by the collapse of the parasitic small business fringe.

For those worried about the potential for political fallout and bad publicity, don’t forget that:

  • The memory of the average voter is less than 6 weeks, we are at least 2.5 years from the next election;
  • Unless the voter is directly affected, they’ll feign concern but it won’t influence their vote, most voters don’t own a small business.;
  • FEAR is the best motivator, as long as the population feel that their lives are threatened and the government is acting to protect them they’ll accept any erosion of their “rights”.

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