Keeping the sheep in line – Dan Andrews style


Keeping the flock in a constant state of fear is a skill mastered by the Australian sheep dog and their master. The sheep dog does the work, reads the mood and gives the occasional nip to any of the flock who temporarily forget who is boss. The master provides direction with subtle whistles and calls that the sheep don’t notice, but their canine tormentor acts on these signals without question.

Australia is now considering the options for economic recovery. Unlike the rest of the country the PRV has been weaning itself off the capitalist controlled fossil fuels to transition to a clean renewable future provided by our PRC comrades. However the crafty capitalist will always seek to sell their filthy “cheap” fuel and erode all the hard work at convincing Victorians that higher energy prices was a small price to pay for a clean future.

The fear of apocalyptic climate change is replaced by a fear of unemployment and a capitalist federal master seeking to take charge of the PRV flock and lead them away from the path to an utopian vision.

Rest assured comrades that our master knows how to whistle!

Under the guise of a punitive trade response to the capitalist COVID-19 witch hunt, the PRC has highlighted that Australian exports of thermal coal are not the silver bullet to economic recovery and provided green groups with a free pass to resume the green revolution as the world recovers.

For those concerned about the depth of talent within the PRV pack, rest assured comrades that our Dear Leader Dan Andrews also knows how to train his pups to respect the master and keep the capitalist dogs at bay.

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