Liberal thinking – common cause of death in Western countries

Recently one of the most progressive Australian Universities called for climate change to be noted as a cause of death on the certificates of those who fall foul of weather related events.

At the PRV we support this initiative as it aids in awareness of the true cause of climate change – greedy capitalist hydrocarbon companies and the corrupt western democracies that promote them.

However, this is just a token effort. The true cause of premature death is the abhorrent liberal concept that “every human being has equal value from birth and should be afforded equal opportunity to develop themselves”.

The superior view is of “equal outcome”. When the state looks after you in all aspects of life, there is no need to take unnecessary risks with your health. Your talents will be developed for the group benefit and you are part of the group – so everyone is looked after equally. Activities that affect your health, therefore affect the group health and will be collectively stopped. It’s easy to see how in a very short time problems such as heart disease (the No.1 killer) will be eradicated by removing the capitalist excesses of alcohol and other drugs of dependance. Our citizens will not be exposed to this exploitation. Just think how productive our society will be if we remove the vices of alcohol and other drugs and all the time wasting activities associated with them.

Follow the example from our Gardener of Human Happiness, Premier Dan Andrews. He never drinks and is the first to challenge his own vices in times of hardship and reject the decadent and time wasting activity of the morally weak (e.g. Donald Trump, Sam Newman, Scott Morrison), namely the environmentally destructive game of GOLF.

Every citizen who dies of heart disease, lung cancer, lightning strike while playing golf should have Cause of death: liberal thinking on their death certificate.

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