The People’s Republic of Victoria (PRV)

The PRV is a work in progress.

The state of Victoria is currently one of six Federated states within the Commonwealth of Australia. It is currently ruled by the socially progressive Labor Party of Victoria, but oppressed by the far right (almost Fascist) Liberal/National Federal coalition government.

Victoria is a beacon of hope to all Socialists seeking to realise the utopian vision, where all people a truly equal and living in harmony without conflict. This website is dedicated to documenting the the transition. We will:

  • Celebrate the selfless successes of the faithful,
  • Call out and expose the capitalist dogs when they seek to ingratiate themselves with excess,
  • Provide a valuable source of intellectual material to aid fellow socialists in championing the transition.

We welcome in good faith submissions from fellow Victorians, be they like minded comrades or those seeking to challenge our ideas in good faith. However be advised, we will not tolerate any form of hate speech.